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Thursday, November 23, 2006


When it comes to sports, everyone seems to be believe in omens.

Last week just before leaving England our goldfish, Hoggard, carked it - not so good for the poms.

Yesterday the Barmy Army trounced the Fantatics in front of seven camera crews as a pipe-opener - not so good for the Aussies.

What are your omens, superstitions, charms, rituals and articles of faith that you carry in order to bring fortune upon endeavour?

And do they work?

Day One Stumps 7 for 348 - not sure who to


Blogger Stephen said...

I am very happy to leave the first comment on your blog here. Heard your interview on "our" ABC, and was very pleased to know the status of poetry and cricket is being raised by your fine performance. I am looking forward to attending the Brisbane match on Sunday - unless the Poms are bowled out by Saturday tea!

Perhaps a poem on the Barmy Army is in order? They seem to be getting much of the media attention lately. Perhaps it may even raise your own profile...? I am sure you have it all "under control". Anyway, good luck with the tour!



10:00 AM  
Anonymous PinG said...

Hi David,
Stephen in the garden, Ashbourne, here.
Really enjoying having www.ashespoetry. To follow the series with, you are making a great guide and tame Barmy companion to the tour for me- & I imagine plenty more. Looking forward to following the series with you , lets hope you have something positive to see from England soon.


4:46 AM  

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